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Item Type Maker Model Shop Remarks
Air Rifle Daystate Red Wolf HiLite HP Airgun of Arizona
Pulsar HP Airgun of Arizona
Cheshire Gun Room
Fx Airguns FX Impact X mk II Krale, Pyramid Air Silver Version, Krale
FX Dreamline Bullpup Krale, Utah Airguns .177,.22,.25-18,30,47fpe, 940,910,890fps 100,60, 30shot/fill
Barrel Kit FX Impact Smooth Twist X Krale .22- .33cal
Moderator 2 x 10.5 inches EMPEROR v3 .30 1/2x20 End Cap S4B for Hercules Bully .25cal.
Hatsan Adapter Hatsan QE 1/2 x 20 UNF Adapter #A24
Regulator Huma-Air 400-500 CC Bottle Regulator For Hatsan Hercules Bully
Benjamin Marauder Tuning Regulator with Quickfill Set With Pressure Gauge
Air Pistol Weihrauch Weihrauch HW44 Krale Pyramyd Air Regurated PCP .22cal.
Rifle Scope Falcon M18+ 4-18×44 FFP MRAD Krale FFP, 740g One more
S18i 3-18x50 FFP B24i Krale Red Illuminated. Heavy 880g
S30 5-30×56 FFP Krale 920g
Athlon Optics Talos BTR 4-14X44 FFP Krale 698g
Discovery Optics VT-T 4.5-18x44 SFVF eBay, Aliexpress FFP 750g
Gun Vice Tipton Best Gun Vise Krale,

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Lurefishing Top
Shore Casting Rods
World Shula 2752R-2
Multi Purpose Long Distance Special

This Rod is for Japan. However it's sell by Amazon US.

Length:2.29m Lure 7~20g Weight: 110g PE:~1.5
Power Fishing Targets

Torzaite Nanoalloy
This Rod is Pure made in Japan.

  GARPS-982M: Length:2.95m Lure 7~40g Weight: 144g PE:0.6~2.0
GOSARS-983M: Length:2.95m Lure 7~40g Weight: 166g PE:0.6~2.0
Yamaga Blanks
BlueCurrent 93/TZ NANO All-Range
Fishing All Targets

Torzaite Nanoalloy
This Rod is sell only in Japan.

Length:2.825m Lure 3~21g Weight: 90g PE:0.3~0.8
Luxe Yoihime Hana S82H-solid
Light Fishing Power Model

This Rod is sell only in Japan.

Length:2.49m Lure 1~24g Weight: 67g PE:0.3~0.6
Mebaru 1feet over,Bream and Sea Bass

This Rod is sell only in Japan.

Length:2.44m Lure 2~18g Weight: 97g PE:0.3~0.8
Exist LT3000-CH

60th anniversary innovation

  • Weight:185g, Retrieve Per Crank: 85cm, PE 1-200m / 1.2-190m / 1.5-170m
    Stella 3000MHG
    Stella 2500SHG
    Stella C2000SHG

    The New Shimano Stella has the smoothest and most efficient drive train Shimano has ever engineered with unprecedented durability. The introduction of the newly engineered Micro Module II with unique gear teeth and surface design delivers amazing smoothness and durability above the already unmatched Shimano Hagane gear quality. With 5 times more water resistance due to X protect, the long term effects of saltwater exposure should not harm the reels smoothness and operation even after years of use. Silent Drive further enhances Shimano’s engineering in the pursuit of perfection, almost every tolerance aspect of the reel that could be improved to reduce wobble and play has been completely overhauled. This creates the ultimate feeling and silence of operation not felt in any other reel before the Stella. Hagane Gear, Hagane Body, X-Ship, G Free Body, Anti Tangle Rotor Long stroke Spool and a host of other key Shimano technologies round out what is the new benchmark, the Stella.
    3000MHG - Weight:224g, Retrieve Per Crank:86cm, PE 1-190/1.2-150/1.5-120
    C2500SHG - Weight:180g, Retrieve Per Crank: 81cm, PE 0.6-200/0.8-150/1-120
    C2000SHG - Weight:170g, Retrieve Per Crank: 82cm, PE 0.6-150/0.8-110/1-80
    Vanquish 3000MHG
    Vanquish C2500SHG
    Vanquish C2000SHG
    Flag Ship of Quick Responce Series.

    True Lightness
    Only 145g(C2000). Spool size of 3000,C3000 and 2500 is same. The difference is body size.

    3000MHG - Weight:185g, Retrieve Per Crank:86cm, PE 1-190/1.2-150/1.5-120
    C3000MHG - Weight:170g, Retrieve Per Crank: 89cm, PE 1-190/1.2-150/1.5-120
    2500SHG - Weight:165g, Retrieve Per Crank:81cm, PE 0.6-200/0.8-150/1-120
    C2000SHG - Weight:145g, Retrieve Per Crank: 82cm, PE 0.6-150/0.8-110/1-80

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