Red Wolf HiLite HP

Airgun of Arizona

Status: Wish, – Specification, Shooting Data

Red Wold has Huge Energy .22 caliber Air Rifle, its energy is 68J (50fpe).

The all-new Red Wolf holds the mantle for the most advanced PCP sporter in the world – and for good reason. A breath-taking picture of elegance on the outside, secreted within its sidelever-operated, computerised action lies the very latest electronic MCT technology developed from the Pulsar program. It comes in both standard and Hi-Power models.

Features and specifications of the Red Wolf Air Rifle

Digitally regulated for a super consistent high shot-count, and sporting a trigger that incorporates adjustability of both release and finger placement, the Red Wolf delivers match-like accuracy at the very extremes of airgun ranges. Its masterfully sculpted stock sandwiches soft red undertones between its black laminates, although a walnut version is also available for traditionalists. However it’s dressed though, its ambidextrous design caters for a perfect gun fit courtesy of a butt pad and raised cheekpiece, both fully adjustable. Aiding the Red Wolf’s user-friendly handling is a lightweight carbon-fibre bottle (though a steel option is available), above which sits a fully-shrouded carbon barrel that helps mute the muzzle report in the field. And, of course, the Red Wolf’s new side lever design marries effortless cocking with speedy loading courtesy of Daystate’s latest generation,  auto indexing magazine.



Caliber 5.5mm (.22″) – 6.35mm (.25″)
Max Velocity Use up to 930fps
Muzzle Energy 5.5mm(.22″) 5.5mm 68J (50fpe)
Muzzle Energy 6.35mm(.25″) 6.35mm 81J (60fpe New version from 2018)
Barrel Length 600mm *1 (23″)
Overall Length 1140mm (45″)
Shot Capacity 10
Barrel Rifled
Scopeable 11mm dovetails
Trigger Electronic release, adjustable
Action Side Lever action – reversible
Safety Manual, Cross Bar, Bolt Open Deactivation
Powerplant Pre-charged pneumatic
Function Repeater
Shots Per fill 500cc 80 – .22cal. / 85 – .25cal.
Shots Per fill 480cc 70 – .22cal.*2 / 75 – .25cal.
Body Type Rifle
Adj. power 5.5mm(.22) High 50fpe, Mid. 40fpe, Low 30fpe
Adj. power 6.35mm(.25) High 60fpe, Mid. 45fpe, Low 30fpe
Weight 3800g (8.5lbs)
Cylinder Size 500cc, 480cc. 250BAR/3,625PSI
Shrouded Yes
Battery LiPo 2cell 15c 1000mAh
Suggested for Hunting
*1 Catalog Data, 600mm on Daystate web site.
*2 Catalog Data, 75 – .22cal. on Daystate web site.




Power Adjustment

High – Mid
Power Color Maker Ammo Weight BC Velocity Energy Shots per Fill
High Red JSB Exact Jumbo Beast Diabolo 2.200g / 33.95 0.051 848fps 54.20fpe 60
High Blue JSB Exact Monster Redesigned 1.645g / 25.39 0.048 981fps    
Mid Green JSB Exact Monster Redesigned 1.645g / 25.39 0.048 872fps 42.86fpe 115
Mid Purple JSB Exact Monter 1.645g / 25.39 0.032 872fps    
POI Graph Energy Graph
Power Color Maker Ammo Weight BC Velocity Energy Shots per Fill
Low Red JSB Exact Heavy Diabolo 1.175g / 18.13 0.0350 891fps 31.89fpe 210
  Blue Crosman Copper Magnum Domed 0.933g / 14.40 0.0230 999fps    
  Green H&N Baracuda Hunter 1.180g / 18.21 0.0260 889fps    
  Purple JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo 1.030g / 15.89 0.0310 951fps    
Low POI Graph


Power Adjustment .25cal. Simulate

Power Maker Ammo Weight BC Velocity Energy
High JSB Exact King Heavy MK II 2.200g / 33.95 0.046 892fps 60fpe
  H&N Sport Baracuda Hunter Extreme 1.830g / 28.24 0.035 978fps 60fpe
  JSB Exact King Diabolo 1.645g / 25.39 0.038 1032fps 60fpe
Mid JSB Exact King Diabolo 1.645g / 25.39 0.038 894fps 45fpe
  H&N Sport Baracuda Hunter Extreme 1.830g / 28.24 0.035 852fps 45fpe
Low H&N Sport Field Target Trophy 1.300g / 20.06 0.021 821fps 30fpe
  JSB Exact King Diabolo 1.645g / 25.39 0.038 730fps 30fpe
    Exact King Lead Free *1 1.070g / 16.54 0.022 904fps 30fpe
*1 It may be Predator GTO ?.


Pulsar HP